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Writer's Block: Freaky Friday

Write my name in the snow!!!!

10 days, rougly

until my birthday.

I wonder how much I can change the things I hate about myself by then.

I should take the pain from this day and wrap myself in the change it brought and maybe transform myself for the better.

.....so much love to all.....

...after a week in and out of the hospital

(I'm fine now...kidney stones suck...and I hope my massive fan base is also doing well..all two of you :) )

I found an old friend. I've spent the last several hours crying. I have lost so much by not living. I feel so angry and sad. Maybe he is part of the key. Whatever that means.

He gave me his website with some of his poetry and information, which is so.....amazing, I will share.


The darkness he shows slams into the depths of my soul.

I hate myself for not being "there" for him in the dark times. I'm sorry, Old Friend. You also have grown so far beyond me.

Good Night, beautiful beings. I pray for peace while I drift off into my oxycodoned sleep.

I will do my best to write more often.

I hate this...

I feel like I just cant move.

I have a horrible sadness over calling Collin a professional liar and I really want to apologize

EDIT: I saw Collin again. I apologized. He seems good people, you know, for a lawyer.

from my fb yesterday

I am an orphan with living parents. I am an exile within my own country. I am a prisoner held by my own flesh. I am so many things.

Been very stressed. Losing time. Sort of bleh.

A get well post.

I thank you Jaycee Dugard. I wasn't able to watch the inteview because at about 33 mins in I was hyperventilating and totally losing my mind. S did tape it for me.

Mitch is left handed. He has perfect ears. I have so many memories that keep coming up. Sometimes nightmares of things I forgot. Then those memories fall into place. I'm tired of the chest pains. I'm tired of it all.

Holy News Batman!

Caylee Anthony...she needs a brain fixin' but there wasn't enough evidence. I saw 80% of it and I'm glad that the jury saw what I saw. Defense kinda sucked. Bleh

Debt ceiling.... hells bells boys and girls. get something passed. it's gonna piss some group off somewhere, it's just a matter of who. Why don't you put the names of people to piss of on cards and put them in sort of rolling drum thing and pick the losers until its done.

Rupert Murdoch....who cares. if they did those things, they should drop them in bear cages and the families can shoot them with honey.

Hmmmwhat else....hell I don't know.

Big kid is in FL, She's building a gym in the projects so poor kids can have a nice place to play basketball and/or to sell crack on. It's a wonderful intention.

So, yeah moo and stuff.

OOOOOHHHHH !!!!! I got a new mouse. Picture a tiny HELLO KITTY in a bathtub, floating on blue water and oil and doing that water and oil thing and looking pretty. Really that was more than enough to justify the $8 I paid for it. THEN I plugged it in and it pulses with blue, red, purple colors...oooooh......other than it distracting me occasionally I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Writer's Block: On the menu

What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? Was it any good?

Many types of sushi. The only icky one was ...thinking...it looked like dog poo on rice and tasted worse (I can only assume.)  I'll remember later.


Writer's Block: Fairest one of all

What is something you would never want to change about yourself?

I'm sure I can find fault with just about everything about myself.

I wouldn't change the love I have for humanity (I might change the bi-polarness of hating most of them for their stupidity.)